is a website to find likeminded people and build communities taking no risk

We created because, as libertarians, we believe that promoting understanding, respect, tolerance and acceptance can’t solve the lack of cohesion in modern society. While these are essential values, people may still have different preferences, lifestyles, and beliefs that may just not be compatible.

Therefore, we believe it is crucial to facilitate the creation of different communities based on common values and interests, such as race, religion, politics, etc.
This can provide people the opportunity to live in a community that aligns with their beliefs and values, while also being able to interact peacefully with other communities under agreed-upon modalities.
We believe that instead of forcing coexistence, we should encourage freedom of association and dissociation.

The platform allows to:

  • Find like-minded
    Users can find projects created by like minded people or create one themselves.
  • Find jobs
    Users can publish job ads or speculative applications to fix their situation beforehand.
  • Fund projects
    Users can fund projects taking no risk since they get refunded if others don’t actually invest what they pledged.
  • Get it built
    All members specify the characteristics of the property they need and when funds are in, architects and builders make it real.

What do you guys think?

Btw we’re fund raising, if anyone’s interested in investing in the project let me know.