New project for an ancap/agorist community in Argentina: Los Propietarios

The approach of Los Propietarios is different from most projects. It has more of an agorist, bottom-up, approach. The state is not based on violence. The policeman that represents violence in the statist society is 1 against 200. So it is impossible for him to investigate, monitor and enforce anything on 200 people without their collaboration. So we believe that freedom is achieved by practicing liberty everyday individually, not by getting permission or recognition. It arises organically from a community numerous enough and composed by people that don’t recognize statist authority.
Los Propietarios tries to attract as many people as possible by giving 1000sqm of land to each member. All other services are up to the members, so we built a marketplace on the website to help members solve their problems.
It is also possible to partecipate remotely by delegating the homesteading process. The final goal is to create a numerous community with no collective decision making, no central authority that represents the community. Just individuals owning their land. Visit the website to find out more

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