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While exploring the forums of various DAOs, I found an interesting thread about as an alternative for Discourse: Should we move BanklessDAO’s forum from Discourse to a Web3 native forum platform -
It looks like this project is trying to solve the problems we discussed earlier.
I like the list of features. Especially the support for Gnosis safe, which we use in MTLFarm:

“Gnosis safe is supported to ensure that the DAO community has full ownership over the platform.”

Basic features are free. They plan to make profit on additional perks:

“Our business model involves adding advanced features to Metaforo, such as Mint and Collect content NFTs, a DAO treasure dashboard, and issuing community tokens and NFTs for the DAO.”

However, we will have to pay for data storage on Arweave. I don’t know how much, we have to do the math.

The list of features:

Metaforo is Web3 native with decentralized data ownership

  • Wallet connections are used to reinforce identity validation and prevent Sybil attacks on voting.
  • The DAO Admin can issue SBT (Staked Based Token) to members as proof of work, increasing the authenticity of proposals and votes.
  • Wallet integration makes it easy to reward contributors with tokens, NFTs, and POAPs.
  • A mobile app with push notifications is available to encourage higher voting participation rates.
  • Token gated pools are supported, and voting power is calculated using snapshot strategies to ensure fair distribution of voting power.
  • Voting delegation is supported.
  • Snapshot strategies are displayed to keep the forum and governance processes in one place and make it easy to understand how proposals are being evaluated and selected.
  • Gnosis safe is supported to ensure that the DAO community has full ownership over the platform.
  • Decentralized data storage on Arweave.
  • Best of all, there is no monthly payment required to use Metaforo - it’s completely free to use!

Some Crypto Projects that have made their new home recently:

What do you think?

TLDR: Horrible. Another centralized corporate unfree SaaS keeping you hostage and trading your metadata

Metaforo is a proprietary “software as a service” registered in US and operating under the law of State of California.

There is no source code shown officially. According to EULA[1] you are not owning the source code, Metaforo Inc only temporary allows you to use it until you “misbehave”:

You have no ownership rights in the Service. Rather, you have a license to use the Service as long as this License Agreement remains in full force and effect.

Metaforo may terminate this License Agreement for any reason

However, I’ve found this repo: GitHub - metaforo/comment3: A Social web3 comment system.. Looks half-assed. Updated two years ago, chinese contributors. Corresponding npm package[2] was updated a year ago (how so? Where is the source code for this update?)

Metaforo collects the data from your browser enough to make your digital fingerprint[3]. They may share the data with advertisers and law enforcement[4].

I stopped diggging at this point, I believe it is enough to make a conclusion.

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